Fairfield Township

*** *** Watermain and Fire Hydrant Flushing will begin on September 28 and should be completed by October 28. Please check water prior to washing whites and light colored clothing. ***

2022 Road Projects Completed

The following road projects were completed this year:

Treat Hwy between Horton Road and Fike Road was undersealed with asphalt overlay.

Bryant Road between Sand Creek Hwy and Township Line the road was crack filled, seal coated and fog sealed.

Horton Road between Sand Creek Hwy and Lyons Hwy was crack filled.

Sand Creek Hwy was crack filled between Weston Road and Ridgeville.

Village of Jasper was crack filled.

Horton Road was crack filled between Morse Hwy and Fairfield Road.

Several gravel roads had spot patching done.