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*** *** Watermain and Fire Hydrant Flushing will begin on September 28 and should be completed by October 28. Please check water prior to washing whites and light colored clothing. ***

Special Land Use Hearing

Special Land Use Hearing

Wednesday, October 4th

The Fairfield Township Planning Commission has received an application requesting a Special Land Use Permit for the property at 9000 S Adrian Hwy BLK, Jasper, property number FA0-115-2780-00. The property is zoned agriculture and consists of 105.8 acres. The request is for the construction of a 195’ monopole cell tower within a 100’ x 100’ leased area.

A Public Hearing will be held on October 4, 2023 at 7:00 pm at the Township Fire Station located at 9965 Brown St, Weston, MI 49289.

If you or a representative cannot join the meeting, you can send your concerns or protests to:

Fairfield Township

% Planning Commission

PO Box 286

1023 Pine St.

Jasper, MI  49248


You can also call 517-436-6400 for more information.

Township Fire Hall

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