Fairfield Township

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In 1844 Fairfield Township was established in Lenawee County, Michigan.   Located on the southern border of the county it contains forty-two square miles.  Several unincorporated communities exist in Fairfield Township including Jasper, Ridgeville, Weston (originally known as Oakford), and Fairfield (originally known as Baker’s Corners).

In the 1800’s Fairfield became dominant in the dairy industry.  The Fairfield Cheese Factory, opening in 1866, was the first cheese factory in Michigan.  The name was changed to the Rufus Baker Cheese Factory, and with the joining of then son, E.L. Baker the name was changed to Rufus Baker & Son, and later to Rufus Baker & Company   with the joining of L. Ladd. With the dairy industry prospering Samuel Horton also opened a cheese factory and the Fairfield Creamery was established on the south end of the township.  Fairfield Township was a significant contributor to the cheese and butter industry in this area.

A depot was built in Weston for the Canada Central Railroad in 1872.  Freight and livestock were shipped to and from the farmers and merchants.  Through consolidation of several railroads the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway was created.  This system also passed through Fairfield Township with depots in Jasper and Weston.

George B. Horton introduced the grange to Lenawee County.  The purpose of the grange was to bring the famers together to discuss the best approaches to farming in their region.  Local, state, and national granges developed.  Activities such as square dances, picnics, and fairs allowed the families of the farmers to socialize.  George Horton served as the subordinate Master of the grange for more than twenty years. 

Agriculture continues to be the main industry throughout Fairfield Township. 

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